Bigger ideas for better housing

Best-selling author on architecture Phyllis Richardson calls for better design of small homes to house a growing population with dignity

Whole-life management

Amey champions whole-life asset management around the world

Living in a material e-world

Environmental, cost and supply pressures are bringing about a shift in design priorities to avoid expensive waste of materials, notably in the electronics sector, as Jim McClelland reports

This year’s module is a phoneblok

There are now more iPhones sold every day worldwide than babies born and more mobile devices on Earth than people, as Jim McClelland reports

The great recovery of Earth’s resources

The myth that our Earth can provide the human race with unlimited natural resources has been well and truly busted, says Sophie Thomas, co-director of design at the RSA

An architect for modern times

Modernist architect and town planner Dame Jane Drew, a leading exponent of the Modern Movement in London, was the outstanding woman architect of her generation, writes Becky Ayre on behalf of the Institute of Contemporary Arts

Joining the dots can spark innovation

More than just another class of business IT, product lifecycle management is helping companies benefit from ideas across the whole organisation and stimulate innovation, writes Lindsay Clark

Fashioning new lines for retail

Complicated product development should flow smoothly from stage to stage and incorporate customer feedback on social media, says Dassault Systèmes