All you need for 3D printing

Hawk 3D Proto offers you the chance to join the next industrial revolution – today

From shelf to shopping basket

From the supermarket into your basket

The supermarket is a warzone with thousands of brands fighting for sales. Charles Orton-Jones shows how a brand can win the battle and seize shoppers’ attention

Has work left the building?

Has work left the building?

When designing an office, organisation, work culture and technology are of primary importance, as Hazel Davis reports

Top French innovators

It may be news to most Brits, but France is home to generations of inventive pioneers, as Agnès C. Poirier reports

Paris: the fashion trendsetter

French fashion has evolved from exclusive haute couture for the very rich to affordable high-street style, writes Agnès C. Poirier

Recycle to build a sustainable world

Pioneering architect Duncan Baker-Brown makes the case for sustainable architecture and argues that we cannot afford to be wasteful

Bigger ideas for better housing

Best-selling author on architecture Phyllis Richardson calls for better design of small homes to house a growing population with dignity

Whole-life management

Amey champions whole-life asset management around the world