Digital twinning explained

Windfarms digital version

Digital twinning has emerged as a major new approach to design and maintenance in the fourth industrial revolution, transforming the full life cycle of a product

Office design that boosts workplace wellbeing

Functional design

Efficiency at work, and how designing healthy offices can improve it, are top priorities as the UK’s continuing poor productivity causes concern

Top 10 modern office fads

Office slides fad

They started off as cool and geeky, but some of the weird and wonderful office “attractions” introduced into workspaces have failed to stand the test of time

Take care of valuable company secrets

Companies should draw up a comprehensive and robust strategy to protect the intellectual property of valuable design and manufacturing secrets

Imaginative office design attracting top talent

Good office design can attract and retain the best talent, creating an environment which helps boost creativity as well as productivity

Sky is the limit for business class luxury

In a highly competitive market, the big airlines strive to be the best in first and business class luxury, innovating with imaginative design concepts

Theme park designs that changed the game

From the first loop-the-loop to the interactive rides of today, innovative attractions have thrilled and excited down the years

Making every square inch count

Game plan to make every square inch count

Slick marketing and clever branding may help sell tickets, but if an airline’s cabins aren’t configured efficiently, it can all be for naught