Bring a smile to your workforce

Dental insurance and treatment is a benefit which staff value as part of their employment package, says Bupa

No more dentures or missing teeth

Liverpool-based clinic Evodental is preparing to launch a new centre in London Heathrow as part of a national roll-out that aims to make their pioneering dental implant therapy available to an even wider patient-base

Don’t put off seeing your dentist

Maintaining and promoting healthy, disease-free teeth and gums is one of the most important aspects of your overall health and wellbeing, says Dr Ayee-Marie McGrath of Knightsbridge Dental Care

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The power of a smile

Alice Hart-Davis explores the concept of the perfect smile and asks why teeth are so important in modern culture?

Art and science of dentistry

Technological innovation is transforming the cosmetic dentistry industry. So will this negate the need for practitioner creativity or challenge dentists to further their level of dexterity? Bella Blissett unravels the relationship between the two and discovers what the future holds for the patient

Eight of the best

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