The rise of new consumer tribes

When consumption patterns can no longer be defined by traditional factors, such as age, gender or location, consumer tribes grouped by their collective common behaviours and interests begin to emerge. But what does this mean for the modern marketer?

Are cities ready for new demographics?

Headline global statistics highlighting growing urban populations mask slowing rates of growth in some developed countries and many cities remain woefully underprepared for the unprecedented demographic shifts underway

Searching for the next emerging market

Population growth or an ageing workforce can impact global business, but demographics and spending power are a complicated affair to be exploited

Advertising in a digital era

Greg Satell worked in media and advertising across Eastern Europe before returning to the United States as a consultant with a focus on digital, and writing regularly for Forbes and Harvard Business Review. He tells Edwin Smith what digital means for advertising

Understanding ‘new’ loyalty

Businesses need to keep pace with rapidly changing buyer behaviour to engender customer loyalty, writes Leo King

Muslim states are trade partners

The World Islamic Economic Forum is a golden opportunity for British exporters, says Senior Minister of State Baroness Warsi

The Digital Revolution

“Simplify the cloud” is a common request, but all too often it is still articulated in very technical terms. Rob Price, head of digital at Atos UK&I, offers an alternative, four-point simplification and considers how organisations are transforming their businesses to thrive in a digital economy

Technology can arrest NHS decline

The trauma of radical reform will take time to address, but the future wellbeing of the National Health Service depends on further responding to demographic challenges, writes Martin Barrow