Getting an insight into management

In a Q&A session, a leading university academic sets out why business now needs qualified insight management professionals

New standard for managing assets

January 2014 saw a milestone in the evolution of recognised best practice for asset management. The first international standard for asset management, ISO 55000, was published after three years of collaboration, debate and consensus-building between 31 countries, as David McKeown, chief executive of the Institute of Asset Management, explains

Gold standard in asset management

A holistic approach to managing physical assets will create sustainable value, both financial and non-financial, over an asset’s life cycle, says KPMG

Really know your school’s data

The effective use of data is the heartbeat of all outstanding schools. Senior leadership teams use it to drive forward standards in teaching, while at individual teacher level, pupil data is used effectively to inform planning and personalise learning, says RM Education

Flexible approach suits business

Edwin Smith looks inside the agile company to discover how to make the transition to a better way of working

‘Only the best governance will do’

For a pension fund to prosper, its governance – or operating system – must be finely tuned, says Dawid Konotey-Ahulu

Turning big data into big ideas

The massive increase in collection of data, particularly information on spending and consumption, is set to change the world. Charles Orton-Jones takes a glimpse of the future

Unstoppable march of data science

Big data is revolutionising the way companies do business and looks set to open up further opportunities for growth, as Joshi Herrmann reports