Should investors be wary of stranded assets?

With policies shifting towards cleaner sources of energy, stranded assets associated with fossil fuels can represent a huge risk to company balance sheets

Reducing corporate carbon footprint

bird's eye view shot of many aeroplanes parked in rows on airfield

Business travellers, airlines and hotels are among those striving to cut corporate carbon emissions

Next-generation energy

With the UK under pressure to plug a looming energy gap and at the same time meet targets for clean renewable energy, power may be shifting to a new generation of consumers

Solving the UK energy trilemma

It is widely believed that transforming the energy industry into a clean, low-carbon business implies significant cost and risk to security of supply – not so

Can we make coal greener?

As a fossil fuel, coal pollutes the atmosphere, but what are the prospects in a cleaner age for this source of energy which has been a mainstay of electricity supply for so long?

Carbon counts so do the maths

Energy efficiency in business not only helps to maximise profits, but by reducing carbon footprint, it also enhances sustainability for the good of the company – and the planet, writes Jim McClelland