Five top ways to build trust in the workplace

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Analysing employee data is crucial for forward-thinking organisations, but doing this without compromising workplace trust is a delicate balance to strike

Is greater online shopping security bad for business?

New Europe-wide rules to enforce online security checks are designed to make ecommerce safer for customers, but companies fear it could have a big impact on sales

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How blockchain is revolutionising the legal sector

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With the potential to disrupt legal services, blockchain is fast becoming the focus of law firms anxious not to be the weakest link

Defending the weakest link from cyberattacks

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An extended supply chain, in which third or even fourth parties fail to secure systems and data, can be the way in for cyberthieves

Digital transfusion to transform the NHS

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Suffering the strain of rising demand from an ageing population and government cuts, the NHS must implement efficient digital systems

Keeping public data in the right hands

Sharing data has numerous advantages for public bodies, but legitimate security concerns must first be addressed

Data that entombs a moment in time

When data security is breached, personal details are laid bare and your digital footprint can lead to costly and unforeseen problems