Driving sales with tech and data skills

Looking after today may not always take care of tomorrow’s business needs based on technological innovation and a data-literate workforce

Great advertising requires more than just data

Tom Goodwin "great ads need more than data"

In the past few years, I have spent thousands on shoes, soft drinks, cars, TVs, flights and coffee. I’ve bought presents for people too. I’m sure that advertising has played a significant role in what I’ve bought

Agencies must match their creativity with data

digital agencies woman on street passing billboard

Media agencies are upping their game to offer brands a strategic package of creative copy, data and technology

Quantum: a challenge and an opportunity for chief data officers

daniel pitchford black and white ai business quantum computing

With data seen as a hugely valuable commodity, the emergence and growing importance of the chief data officer (CDO) is only set to continue over the next 12 to 18 months

Unlocking the potential of geospatial data

red white orange geospatial heatmap map of London housing

Analysing data to gain geographical or spatial insights has untapped potential which can boost business, change lives and protect the environment

Chief data officer: the role leading business transformation

crystal ball held in hand chief data officer

The chief data officer has become an important business leader, unlocking commercial value and influencing company strategy

How CDOs can unlock the value of unstructured data

unstructured data Loops of light against night sky

Some data can be hard to penetrate, but may hold valuable information that can be used to drive business growth

What makes a successful Chief Data Officer?

chief data officer glasses in front of laptop screen covered in text

Setting targets and measuring the success of a chief data officer will depend on the nature and definition of their role within an organisation