Executives look to data for the lead

Now data and IT are business imperatives, the board must make room for a digital boss

A guide to cloud data

Data around smart phone

There are many different kinds, or flavours, of cloud data and they need to be dished up differently – here’s a guide

UK could become global leader in 5G

Woman speaking at 5G conference

A pilot scheme providing 5G to businesses could propel the UK to become a global leader

Joined-up data provides a new way to navigate risks

Compass on map

The rich trove of information gathered by insurers can find new ways to avoid losses

Data-sharing will drive advances in transport

Data and transport

In an increasingly connected world, the amount of data being gathered is exploding and nowhere is this more the case than with transport

New workplace monitoring has to get workers’ consent

Monitoring employees

For workplace managers, there’s a new kid on the block – live monitoring of employee behaviour – but while this is aiding better office design, privacy implications are extensive

The role of data in gaining valuable financial insights

Graph of financial data

Data can bring completely new insights into investment or provide customers with a real advantage when using a service

How EU regulations will affect UK financial firms

Despite Brexit new European Union regulations governing data protection are set to impact the UK’s financial services sector