Manufacturing cyberattacks could cripple the UK

cartoon padlock illustrating cyberattacks

The potential for international cyberwarfare could put manufacturers in the firing line as hackers go after vital services and large-scale industrial facilities

Israel aims to outgun America in cyber warfare

It may seem unlikely, but Israeli cyber-startups are ahead in the global game of security innovation – and espionage

The future of conflict is in cyberspace

Putin and Trump Kissing graffiti

Suspected state-sponsored attacks have triggered an international cyber arms race aimed at repelling and even retaliating if secrets are stolen or online infrastructure targeted, threatening to paralyse critical systems

The Chinese cyber war

Keyboard with Chinese flag

The impact of the Chinese cyber arms race on the world

‘Most wanted’ hacker speaks out

One of the most infamous hackers in cyberspace, turned security adviser, tells Edwin Smith that no technology is completely secure