Dealing with the risk of cyber hackers

Hackers can bring chaos and even ruin to businesses and organisations often with impunity, but what can be done to counter the computer attacks?

Cloud of mistrust in the air

Cloud of mistrust in the air

Storing data in the cloud could unlock potential for many businesses, but some remain sceptical about security

Why the cloud is perfect for startups

Why the cloud is perfect for startups

The cloud can help newcomers compete with established players and provide affordable, scalable resources to build a profitable business

Building the business case for biometrics

Building the business case for biometrics

Increased business productivity can be achieved through the use of biometric technologies, says Rawlson O’Neil King, contributing editor at

Fingerprint market set for massive expansion


When Apple introduced the iPhone with fingerprint identification in 2013, fingerprint sensors went from being an “interesting” technology to a “must-have” overnight. Finally the industry is ready for the massive growth long expected. Among the big players is Norwegian company NEXT Biometrics

The cost of being hacked

Cost of being hacked

Cyber security is no longer a mere matter of compliance and is now one of the primary business imperatives that financial services firms must address

Old Tricks, New Cons

Whether it’s tricking a victim to give away too much information over the phone or slick computer software which steals sensitive data, cyber fraudsters are pocketing big money, as Tom Fox-Brewster reports

Fraudsters target financial services

Most fraud is committed within the financial services sector, causing significant loss of revenues, reputation and customer confidence, writes Chris Johnston