Delving into the world of the dark web

It can be a dangerous and murky den of criminality – ironically the Dark Web was the brainchild of US government agents and is now colonised by organised cyber criminals

The investment potential of cyber security

While the relentless growth in hacking keeps company executives awake at night, canny investors can generate returns from a global boom in cyber security as bosses defend against the hackers

Protecting brand reputation in the wake of a cyber attack

A brand’s reputation can be the biggest casualty in a cyber attack, evidenced by high-profile resignations of company executives and plummeting share prices in the aftermath of a data security breach

Getting tough on cyber crime

Faced with an increasingly powerful and organised enemy, organisations now have no choice but to mobilise in the fight against the cyber attackers

Catching hackers is not getting easier

Law enforcement agencies are fighting a tough battle against hackers, who cover their tracks and hide in cyberspace to carry on hacking, but the bad guys can make mistakes and there have been arrests and successful prosecutions

Cyber crime on the move with mobile

Smartphones and tablets loaded with apps and sensitive company data represent a security risk in the wrong hands

Companies caught in cyber warfare crossfire

If governments and rogue states go to war in cyberspace, companies big and small can become targets as state-sponsored cyber warriors attempt to cause chaos

Repel the hordes of hackers

Moving to a secure managed network can defeat the cyber criminals trying to break into your systems