Protecting elections from cyberattacks

James Comey courtroom

Authorities are struggling to combat hackers intent on influencing “democratic” elections

Design security in and keep the hackers out

Man sitting in front of computer

In an increasingly connected digital world, the opportunities for cyber crime are multiplying making security a central issue

Time for bosses to sit up and take notice of cyber security

Screenshot of the NHS website when a ransomware attack disrupted health services on May 12

If C-suite executives continue to bury their heads in the sand, new European Union legislation will force them to take the threat of cyber attack seriously

What businesses can learn from the Yahoo! data breach

Yahoo offices

What lessons can the chief information officer of tomorrow learn from the Yahoo! mega-breaches of yesteryear?

The future of conflict is in cyberspace

Putin and Trump Kissing graffiti

Suspected state-sponsored attacks have triggered an international cyber arms race aimed at repelling and even retaliating if secrets are stolen or online infrastructure targeted, threatening to paralyse critical systems

6 cyber security tips

Cyber attack tips

Make sure your business is ready for a potential cyber attacking by reading these top tips

How a data breach battered Yahoo!’s reputation

Marissa Mayer of Yahoo

We investigate how the fallout of Yahoo!’s data breach may affect the company's chief executive, Marissa Mayer, finalising a $4.8 billion deal to sell Yahoo!’s core internet business to Verizon

AI could rescue failing cyber security sector

As cyber criminals wage a seemingly relentless and damaging online war, which they appear to be winning, machine learning and artificial intelligence could be the best defence