Calculating the cost of cyber-risk

Computers affected my Petya virus

The role of cyber-risk insurance is a complex issue for insurers and remains largely misunderstood by businesses that could benefit from cover

What CFOs need to know about cyberscams

Digital money is at risk from hackers who breach businesses’ security and pull off a cyberheist through trickery and deceit

Protecting energy networks from cyberattacks

Aeriel view city lights

In an age of digital connectivity, energy networks are increasingly vulnerable to crippling cyberattacks by criminals, rogue hackers or hostile states

Five worrying cyberthreats to connected tech

As connected technology develops, potential threats to cybersecurity multiply. Here are five major areas of concern

Hackers are after processing power to get valuable bitcoins

boy walking through server room

Organisations with big computer processing power are now the target of cybercrooks with malware designed to “mine” for bitcoins

Five ways quantum computing will change cybersecurity forever

Quantum computing illustration

A new generation of quantum computing has the potential to transform cybersecurity. Still years away from the mainstream, quantum power is nevertheless a reality, a certainty and an inevitability

In a risky world, insurers are granted a direct line to the boardroom

Lloyd’s of London

AI and cybersecurity among areas in which industry’s know-how counts

The IoT attacks that could eclipse Mirai

IoT attack malware

Expect to see millions of IoT devices annexed by malicious attackers in the future, dwarfing the Mirai botnet we saw in 2016