Cyber-risk moves to the top of the CFO’s agenda

The case for a cyber CFO is strong as financial chiefs are immersed in a business world threatened by cybercriminals

Legislation to combat the hackers

Organisations are now required by law to guard against cyberattacks in a bid to protect essential services

What is the NIS directive and what are the ramifications?

While public opinion was focussed on GDPR, a new EU-led law was introduced which focusses on securing certain UK sectors from cyber-threat

How NIS can help organisations gain a competitive advantage

Arguably more important than GDPR, the NIS directive was set up not to pressure organisations, but to protect them

How businesses can use psychology to safeguard against cyber criminals

Hands on keyboard typing code, hacker,

The world of business is increasingly aware of the need to protect operations from cyber criminals. Now psychological profiling could offer an innovative new way to do just that

Calculating the cost of cyber-risk

Computers affected my Petya virus

The role of cyber-risk insurance is a complex issue for insurers and remains largely misunderstood by businesses that could benefit from cover

Thwarting the tricksters out to get your money

Phishing emails remain the main weapon used by hackers trying to steal valuable information and cash, but there are ways of protecting your business

United front can foil the hackers

By sharing information on threats and best practice, organisations are better protected and more resilient against cyber attackers, as Tom Brewster reports