Using artificial intelligence to fight fraud

Artificial intelligence and machine-learning are fast becoming essential weapons in the war on fraud

Cryptocurrency: restoring reputation for the future

man looking at screen with code on it

In the early days, cryptocurrencies may have been misused by the underworld, but criminals should watch out as cryptos come clean

Hacking back: is it a good idea?

hacking back on glowing laptop in dark room

Should the victims of hacking retaliate and hack back, and what are the issues involved?

What CIOs can learn from cybercrime syndicates

cybercrime hackers on computers

Studying the way hackers operate can be the best way for a chief information officer to counter cybercrime

Cryptocurrency regulation becomes a top priority

Cryptocurrency regulation is needed

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies seem on the cusp of revolutionising global finances, but regulators are unsure of how to deal with such an innovation

How businesses can use psychology to safeguard against cyber criminals

Hands on keyboard typing code, hacker,

The world of business is increasingly aware of the need to protect operations from cyber criminals. Now psychological profiling could offer an innovative new way to do just that

Thwarting the tricksters out to get your money

Phishing emails remain the main weapon used by hackers trying to steal valuable information and cash, but there are ways of protecting your business

How organised is organised cybercrime?

cybercriminal illustration

Make no mistake, cybercrime is big business and run like an industry with levels of deceit shielding the masterminds from capture