Why you need to measure customer experience

Finding the best way of assessing customer experience is a fundamental building block of a successful business, but can be easier said than done

Why brands must embrace hyperpersonalisation

An evermore discerning customer demands greater personalisation and will engage with those brands that can create a truly bespoke experience, but how can this be taken to the next level?

Tech should enhance customer service, not replace it

‘A digital-only experience ducks the fundamental need for people to interact with well-trained staff’

A day in the life of the future customer

cartoon of woman looking in mirror illustrating omni-channel retailing

Exploring how one shopper of the future goes about her day reveals exciting possibilities for what’s in store for omni-channel retailing

Customers’ and staff needs should not clash

Ibis mobile customer service

Organisations are adopting new ways of meeting increasing customer expectations while looking after their staff

Get closer to customers with what they want

Closer connections with consumers, enabled by advances in technology, are driving an increased business offering and improved customer experience in diverse sectors

Getting the reviews that you deserve


Reviews of services or products can boost or blight a business, but they can be misleading

Customers drive transformation

Customers drive transformation

Boosted by technology and changing expectations, consumers are increasingly setting the business agenda