Revamping airline loyalty schemes

Come fly with me again

Airline loyalty schemes are not just about free flights anymore, but personalised services and benefits

Customers set the business agenda

Customers set the business agenda

The value of customer loyalty, based on a positive experience of service, is more important than ever, writes Hazel Davis

Loyalty diagnosis and cure

Know Your IBM

A loyalty and incentive company has to behave like a doctor – it has to diagnose the problem before implementing the cure, says Motivforce Marketing and Incentives

Getting from big data to customer loyalty

People Walking in Shopping

Customer loyalty has its limits, says Saima Albhai, director of solutions for Emarsys, who explains how to stop your most profitable customers turning their back on you

Creating customer loyalty

Hazel Davis has a ten-step loyalty guide for retailers who want to keep customers at the centre of their business

High-flyers in loyalty management

Comarch, global provider of loyalty management systems, is collaborating with London Heathrow Airport to make every journey better