Loyalty schemes must keep pace with mobile

As m-commerce continues to increase, loyalty programmes should be available on smartphones, tablets and wristwear to meet the expectations of customers on the move

No brand gets worshipped by accident

It is possible to make customers love your brand, but only if you listen and give them what they really want

Personalisation is key to increasing customer loyalty

Tailoring services and special offers is a key tool for increasing customer loyalty and is being driven by the digital data retailers can collect online from consumers

How Argos reinvented itself as a digital retail leader

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Making social media a friend - not enemy

Stories of poor customer service broadcast on social media can cost a company dear, but handled the correct way Facebook and Twitter can be a brand’s best friends

Perfecting the shopping experience

The role of the shopping centre is changing. With the development of internet technologies and e-commerce, centres are rethinking the service they provide in order to retain the loyalty of customers

The answer to delivering exactly what your customer wants

A digital revolution is underway, particularly in retail, with merchants keener than ever to adopt new technologies and loyalty strategies to keep up with their customers’ demands

Saving resources and the planet

Connected devices not only save consumers money, they can generate customer loyalty and help in the move to a low-carbon economy