How brands can engage with all generations

older generation

It’s a major challenge for organisations to secure the loyalty of multiple generations of consumers, from tech-savvy youngsters to their more cynical elders

Brands name-calling and making cheeky claims

Virgin blimp displays the sign “BA can’t get it up!!” after the then British Airwayssponsored London Eye had a technical problem erecting the wheel

Taking on a rival business with aggressive comparative advertising is not for the faint hearted but certainly grabs attention

UK consumers are falling in brand love

Although brand love may not be real romance, companies have discovered they can influence customer behaviour through consumer neuroscience – but is this a passion that lasts forever?

6 ways cloud is maximising customer experience

Companies are at the mercy of their customers these days and customer expectation is sky-high. If customers are not getting good service, they’re off, as fast as they can redeem their loyalty points. So with global spending on cloud infrastructure on the up, how are businesses using it to maximise customer experience

Customer experience is key to lasting success

Companies with high customer experience ratings – now the main commercial battleground – are more profitable and retain the loyalty of customers and staff

Putting customers at the centre of business

In a computer age driven by process and protocols, emotionally intelligent human interaction is paramount in achieving good customer service

Shopping was never like this before

Combining a consistent high street and online presence is enabling retailers to improve customer experience and develop new ways of ensuring consumer loyalty

Top 5 tips to increase customer loyalty

Hugh Wilson lists the quick customer loyalty wins every business should be doing