6 ways cloud is maximising customer experience

Companies are at the mercy of their customers these days and customer expectation is sky-high. If customers are not getting good service, they’re off, as fast as they can redeem their loyalty points. So with global spending on cloud infrastructure on the up, how are businesses using it to maximise customer experience

Customers are core to any digital strategy

For next-generation customer experience to maintain and increase sales, businesses must keep pace with technology and the expectations of a digital generation

Shopping gets the virtual reality treatment

Retailers are poised to use virtual reality to transform shopping by giving customers a 360-degree 3D experience

How artificial intelligence gives your business a critical edge

Everyone’s talking about artificial intelligence, but how do you build AI capabilities into your business model that engage your customers?

Keep connected to stay ahead

People with the ubiquitous smartphone in the palm of their hands are more connected than ever and businesses must be sure to connect to this mobile market

Customer experience is key to lasting success

Companies with high customer experience ratings – now the main commercial battleground – are more profitable and retain the loyalty of customers and staff

Putting customers at the centre of business

In a computer age driven by process and protocols, emotionally intelligent human interaction is paramount in achieving good customer service

Shopping was never like this before

Combining a consistent high street and online presence is enabling retailers to improve customer experience and develop new ways of ensuring consumer loyalty