Q&A: Inside information

Delivering a sleek online experience to customers is fast becoming a source of competitive advantage, but to do this effectively requires insight, says Audelia Boker, vice president, marketing, at Glassbox

Loyalty is not enough

Your customers might be faithful, but are they devoted?

Shining a light on customer experience with AI

The key to business success is changing as consumers gain power and influence

Social media listening means big business for retailers

Good communication, dialogue and feedback enable retailers to know their customers and deliver an improved personalised service which invariably will result in additional sales

Flexible workplaces fuel economic engine

The future of the workplace is flexible, dynamic and diverse – and the traditional office market ignores this phenomenon at its peril, says Jennifer Brooke, executive director at the BCA

High-tech airports of the future

The airport of the future will be a low-stress, high-tech terminal – a well-connected place to work, shop and relax as well as catch a plane

Bridging the generation gap with mobile banking

Digital financial services may appeal to all ages but for different reasons so providers are tailoring varied offerings to a wide range of customers

Innovative approaches for the customer era

Traditional finance business models are being crunched by macro-economic events, but KPMG sees opportunities ahead