Customer experience game-changers from 3 bosses in the know

Three leading businessmen share their views on how to deliver the best customer experience and earn consumer loyalty when competition online and in the high street shows no sign of easing

Tap the phone to claim your reward

Smartphones used as mobile wallets to pay for purchases can also store virtual loyalty and rewards cards, either directly or via an app

Customer experience: learning from screw ups

Examples of poor customer experience abound, but you can learn from other people’s mistakes

UK consumers are falling in brand love

Although brand love may not be real romance, companies have discovered they can influence customer behaviour through consumer neuroscience – but is this a passion that lasts forever?

Customers insist on better service

Customer service is now a major differentiator in competitive markets where brands strive to stand out from the rest, but some do it better than others

How to measure customer experience

A key measurement of customer satisfaction is retention, but a sophisticated strategy is required to gauge consumers’ likes and dislikes

Customers expect more than ever

Retailers and brands are under unprecedented pressure to deliver hyper-personalised customer service in an increasingly tech-savvy world where consumers expect excellence

Future in the cards

Too many opportunities to say thank you are being missed… why the loyalty industry must innovate to stay ahead