Playing it by the book

An effortless experience will retain loyalty rather than thrills and frills, as Joshi Herrmann reports

Data management for customers

In today’s fiercely competitive economy and with new sales channels emerging all the time, developing closer relationships with customers is more important than ever, says OpenText

Design and the strategic value of experience

A 2011 American Express survey revealed that 78 per cent of consumers have not finalised a purchase because of a poor service experience. And most businesses are aware of the value of loyalty – a loyal customer is worth ten times their initial purchase

How well are you managing money?

By failing to take control of spending on business travel and meetings, companies are missing out on big cost savings, writes Ian Whiteling

Quick response needed to update ageing technology systems

Computer technology is at the core of financial services, yet it can be slow to respond to switched-on customers in a digital world, writes Rod Newing

Answering the call for great service

For the fifth successive year, the Top 50 Call Centres for Customer Service programme has delivered results, compiled here by Claudia Thorpe and Lara Doyle, showing exceptional achievement by some of the UK’s top-performing organisations

Difference between myth and reality

The Chartered Institute of Marketing’s latest benchmark study of top brand executives at more than 100 leading international companies explores how to bridge the gap between promise and reality, as head of insights Thomas Brown explains