Events in the age of experience

Events in B2B

Live face-to-face experiences with take-away value are driving the experience economy of consumer engagement and business events

Improving customer experience in the insurance industry


Technology and new platforms offer insurers the opportunity to get closer to their customers, and provide a personalised and improved service

Build loyalty and increase sales through personalisation

Analysing big data to tailor bespoke offers to customers is a win win

Analysing big data to tailor bespoke offers to customers is a win-win for consumers who enjoy a personalised service and businesses that increase their sales

How to make your website user friendly

Online fashion retailer ASOS reduced checkout abandonment by 50 per cent by removing its registration option

No business wants a potential customer to click away from its website, so it’s important to eliminate the online turn-offs

How connected data is targeting consumers

Collecting and analysing vast amounts of often disparate data from a growing number of digital sources can help target consumers with what they want to buy, sometimes before they even know it

Customer experience game-changers from 3 bosses in the know

Three leading businessmen share their views on how to deliver the best customer experience and earn consumer loyalty when competition online and in the high street shows no sign of easing

Tap the phone to claim your reward

Smartphones used as mobile wallets to pay for purchases can also store virtual loyalty and rewards cards, either directly or via an app

Customer experience: learning from screw ups

Examples of poor customer experience abound, but you can learn from other people’s mistakes