Interview: Provocateur, Mahmoud Sabbagh

Mahmoud Sabbagh

The director of Saudi Arabia’s first ever rom-com hopes for a cinematic and cultural revolution in his deeply conservative homeland

What banks can learn from Iron Man

banking future

Battling to rebuild reputations in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, banks must adapt to the changing culture introduced by challengers and fintech startups

Fierce fashion: The tale of two British fashion brands

Burberry car

The divergent fortunes of two UK luxury clothes stores shows how fickle fashion can be for its investors, as a new wave of money flows into the sector

Naked truths: The decline of naturism in France

Naturist groups at Festival de l’Humanité music festival

French naturism is going through generational and political turmoil, as social attitudes harden and the state’s influence on how people dress becomes a hot-button issue