How ICOs can democratise funding for startups

Methods of raising capital based on cryptocurrencies are developing fast, enabling smaller investors to get involved

A renaissance for simpler packaging

simpler packaging graphic

In the quest for an environmentally-friendly circular economy, what goes around comes around

Is property crowdfunding ‘safe as houses’?


Upcoming legislation, regulation and taxation is making buy-to-let investment less appealing, but higher returns offered by crowdfunding are not guaranteed

P2P lending and crowdfunding becomes the norm

The alternative finance industry looks set to go from strength to strength to become a tried-and-tested means of business funding

Investing in growth has never been easier

The rise of peer-to-peer lending and crowdfunding has opened up opportunities for smaller investors to get a piece of the action alongside the big players

New darlings of the investment world


Tax changes and developing investment channels have focused the investor spotlight on startups, so much so the moneymen are ploughing more cash than ever into new ventures

Exploring equity crowdfunding

Exploring equity crowdfunding

Equity crowdfunding is a democratisation of investing and, although a relative newcomer, it is a valuable source of alternative finance

Financing the energy sector

Financing Global Energy - Crop

New channels of finance are opening up in the energy sector alongside traditional funding routes, as Mike Scott discovers