Will the Apple card transform payments?

Apple’s move into the credit card industry may not put banks out of business anytime soon, but its customer experience delivery could set it apart from the more established rivals

How to maximise revenue and loyalty

The payments industry has arguably never had better incentives to find more convenient ways for consumers to pay for goods and services, writes Miya Knights

Taking a swipe at cash and even plastic cards

Small firms and retailers that have previously not accepted card payments and operated on a cash or invoice-only basis are adopting mobile point-of-sale solutions to expand their business, writes Rebecca Brace

‘Change is coming, so make it work’

The regulation of payment systems is undergoing major change in the UK. In late-March the government published a consultation paper, Opening up UK payments, which proposed replacing the industry-run Payments Council with a “competition-focused, utility-style regulator”. Now the industry is scrambling to adapt to – and benefit from – the new regulatory landscape. With UK payments poised between the old and new worlds, five experts discuss the potential pitfalls and the prizes to be won. Daniel Hinge poses the questions

Making a sanity check on payment card loyalty

Rewarding consumers for the way they pay for goods and services is nothing new. The first reward programme was in 1984 when Diners launched Diners Club Rewards. Today there are few payment card issuers that do not offer some form of rewards programme for at least one of their payment card products, says Mark Bergdahl, managing director of Loyalty Consulting UK

Are web dollars a credit card killer?

Ben Milne, founder of Dwolla, tells James Silver of his cyberspace vision of a payments world free of credit card fees

Focused on ‘smashing the ball out of the park’

James Silver meets Oxford graduates, Tom Blomfield and Matt Robinson, who are taking on US payments top guns in an online shoot-out

Question of future of payments

Charles Orton-Jones leads a discussion among four industry leaders on latest developments and the shape of things to come