Men and women demand diversity in beauty revolution

Rihanna and Edward Enninful

Big beauty brands risk a consumer backlash as women – and men – call for recognition of difference in age, race, culture and gender

Concern over chemical ingredients is growing

Despite assurances from government agencies, public concern continues to rise over chemical ingredients in our food, cosmetics, clothing, cleaning products and homewares

Clinically proven cosmeceuticals are big business

Skincare is moving into a new era of cosmeceuticals – medical-grade skincare cosmetics containing active ingredients clinically proven to work on the skin

Clamping down on cosmetic cowboys

Moves are underway to regulate the non-surgical cosmetic industry, but the need for greater safeguards against poor practice remains a serious concern

Changing face of UK skincare

Skincare is big business and getting bigger as women – young and old – seek products to help them achieve perfect-looking skin

Global skincare trends heading for the UK

Once a foreign trip meant exciting discoveries in French pharmacies and American drug stores, but now international products are available in the UK as the beauty industry searches the world for new ingredients

Beauty and the business woman

Creativity in the beauty business is back and being led by enterprising women, says Caroline Neville, president of Cosmetic Executive Women (CEW)

Look like a star: celebrity cosmetic brands

Celebrities who lend their name and fame to a beauty brand are increasingly also investing in the product, as Beatrice Aidin reports