Does high-tech home beauty mean the end of clinics?

The LUNATM play by FOREO is a smaller, lower- priced entry- level version of the company’s larger sonic facial cleansing device

We’re having a love affair with high-tech home beauty devices, but what does this mean for clinics and consumers?

Has the cosmetic procedures market cleaned up its act?


In 2013 the government published the findings of its investigation into the lack of regulation in the cosmetic procedures market, but what has changed three years on from the Keogh Review?

Staying safe amidst the hype for cosmetic procedures

Call for stricter guidelines in the cosmetic procedures industry

Improvements in safety, efficacy and reductions in downtime have resulted in a rapid growth in the cosmetic procedures sector, but there remains a need for caution

Is the golden ratio the secret to a perfect face?


Leading plastic surgeons believe a mathematical ratio, dating back 2,500 years, is the solution to creating facial beauty and use the ancient formula to help achieve their patients’ sought-after outcomes

Call for stricter guidelines in the cosmetic procedures industry


The issue of training requirements and regulation of those administering non-surgical cosmetic procedures remains a matter of public concern, although benchmark guidelines are being adopted

The latest trends in cosmetic dentistry


From tried-and-tested whitening to the more experimental 3D tooth printing, when it comes to aesthetic dentistry and the latest technology there is plenty to smile about

The eyes have it

Introducing Radara – the latest non-surgical skincare innovation for fine lines and wrinkles

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In today’s beauty-conscious world women are moving away from “anti-ageing” and towards an era of ageing well – looking and feeling like the best version of themselves