Driving corporate sustainability

An ethical approach to business can not only be profitable, but is also often a requirement of discerning customers eager to safeguard the planet and protect workers

Enterprise is fulfilling government roles

Woman working in coffee production

As governments cut spending on welfare, and a range of social and environmental services, private enterprise is stepping in to fill the void left by the state

Human rights are now part of business

Companies and their supply chains are increasingly involved in safeguarding human rights

Public opinion on corporate giving

Public opinion on corporate giving

Britain’s biggest companies continue to give generously to charity, yet they are sometimes perceived to be sitting on their hands – and wallets – as Dina Medland reports

The win-win of giving

Daryl Brewster - CEO of CECP

Daryl Brewster, chief executive of CECP, a coalition of CEOs who believe societal improvement is an essential measure of company performance, suggests how corporations can connect with core business to assess the value of societal investment

Sound investments in solid causes

Warren Buffet is the most successful investor in the 20th Century

Investing in social enterprise businesses offers corporates a viable alternative to charitable donations, as Rob Langston discovers

Why do corporates give?

What motivates companies to give to charity in cash or kind may differ, but it must be genuine to overcome public scepticism, writes Chris Johnston

Hooking up with a charity

Ioannis Ioannou

Ioannis Ioannou, assistant professor of strategy and entrepreneurship at London Business School, suggests how corporations can best engage with charities