Shaping the conscience of business

HR and ethics

Forget pure financials, corporate purpose is now the number-one priority for businesses and human resources is driving the change

Are brands exploiting the modest fashion trend?

The rise of modest fashion has arguably changed the representation of Muslims in Western popular culture, but the convergence of ideology and corporatisation raises important questions for the industry

Why are so many talented lawyers moving in-house?

Lawyers are increasingly turning their backs on private practice and choosing to work in-house for corporations and other organisations

The rise of business partnerships

Business people collaborating

Collaboration between companies can be of mutual benefit as long as the partnership is open to robust communication

Linking firms with supply chain finance

Warehouse employee using a tablet

Technology is steadily replacing the blizzard of paper needed to manage supply chains, switching the focus to how tech can unlock cash tied up in the system

Banking regulations that impact businesses

London City skyline

Since the 2008 recession, regulation of the financial services sector, backed up with big fines, has introduced caution, slowed up lending and had a knock-on effect throughout the economy

How to protect your company from foreign exchange risks

Bank of England

Fluctuations in foreign exchange rates, notably the slump in the value of sterling following the UK’s Brexit vote, mean corporate treasurers may work overtime to hedge against significant potential losses

Tech that’s helping treasurers stay on top

Professional viewing analytics

As increasingly complex demands mount on corporate treasurers, along with a growing need to glean insights from big data, technology is coming to the rescue