Is marketing morphing into sales?

Salespeople are increasingly reaching out to prospects and acting as the first touch point for brands, while marketers are making an impact on the buyer's journey as a sales enabler

It’s time to reimagine the marketing funnel

The traditional marketing funnel is no longer the best tool for understanding B2B customers, and professionals now need more efficient models to activate content marketing campaigns

Brands struggle to make ‘woke’ marketing work

billboard with Colin Kaepernick on it

Reaching out to a new generation of consumers that grew up skipping ads on YouTube is an ongoing challenge for brands. But how do companies show they are alert to political and social injustice in an authentic way? More importantly, should they even try?

The true impact of AI on marketing

This article examines exactly how artificial intelligence and machine learning might affect the various aspects of marketing and specifically, how marketers can get the most from this emerging technology

Survey: tell us what you find annoying about branded content

What do you find most irritating about branded content

We want to know what you dislike most about content. Is it boring, too salesy or poorly designed? Have your say in the survey below

The era of the professional content marketer

There is still a large division between the small proportion of highly effective content and the vast amount of ineffective content. Jason Miller, Head of Content at Linkedin, gives his opinion on how marketers must aim to join the elite, who make content marketing count.

Using research for content marketing

Raconteur hosted over 60 senior marketers and brand strategists at the Ritz for the sixth Custom Publishing event focusing on 'Research at the Heart of Content'

Where are the C-suite?

Do you know where the C-suite is consuming content? According to William Douglas, CMO of JLL EMEA, it’s not where you might expect – nor where they might admit – they’re spending time online