Cash is still popular in an electronic world

Future of Payments special report Raconteur card payments

Progression towards electronic payments continues, but could we ever do without some cash?

The decline of cash?

The spread of new forms of digital payment is leading to claims that we are entering a cashless world. How accurate are they?

Are contactless payments beating cash?

A plethora of payment methods has bombarded retailers and consumers alike, but while providers battle for supremacy, simplicity at the checkout is the aim

How the payments industry is set to look in 2020

Predicting the future of payments is a hazardous business, which has claimed victims big and small, but some are prepared to back mobiles as the way many will pay in 2020

Cash is still king, for the time being

The clash between cash and digital transactions is being fought around the world – and both ways of paying are still standing

Too many ways to pay

Too many ways to pay

The payments sector is fragmented as no one technology has achieved widespread adoption by businesses that may be unaware of the options and how they work

Cashing in on changing checkout

The payments industry is in flux as smartphone technology revolutionises the way we pay, and presents new opportunities for business leaders, retailers and consumers alike, writes Nic Fildes

Universal systems will aid growth

With a fog of electronic payment options, which platform will become dominant is unclear. What is certain, however, is any economy that wishes to remain vibrant must move towards more ubiquitous, frictionless payment systems, writes Dave Howell