Customer experience: privacy vs. personalisation

Customers today are more powerful and more demanding for personalised products and bespoke offerings than they have ever been. How will new privacy legislation affect this?

Opening up banking is a revolution

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Possible sharing of consumer data, through new tech-driven banking arrangements, is set to open up the financial sector amid concerns for customers’ privacy

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Smart packaging brings convenience and safety - but opens questions about data use

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In a world where personal data-driven insurance products are increasingly tailored to the individual, could some consumers be unfairly disadvantaged?

Importance of analytics for UK PLC

Organisations that embrace analytics effectively make huge gains which can come from operational cost-savings as well as customer-related activities, says Alys Woodward, practice lead for big data, IDC European IT Group

Don’t spoil your prospects

Companies need to tread a careful path through public sensitivity around the analysis and use of consumer data, warns James Dean