Mary Portas: retail is entering a brand-new era

Mary Portas

Renowned retail consultant and founder of Portas agency, Mary Portas describes the death of old-school consumer culture and tells why ‘The Kindness Economy’ will define the future of the high street

Brand integrity key to success in customer-centric world

Brand integrity

Brand integrity is paramount in a society that demands companies to be accountable, responsible and, most importantly, authentic

Stores must give shoppers a brand new experience

Woman shopping using a touchscreen

Facing a continued onslaught from mobile online shopping, high street stores must adapt to provide a unique retail experience

The personal multi-touch experience

Avaya offers cutting-edge technology combined with the human touch to score five-star customer service

‘Human’ bots are chatting up customers

Artificial intelligence, although embedded in a computer driven by clever software, can nevertheless connect with consumers on a personal level and, through management efficiencies, enhance customer service

How convenient delivery can enhance customer experience

Personalised delivery can enhance customer experience and increase brand loyalty when used as an integrated part of the customer purchasing journey

Welcome to the experience economy

Brands are investing in an experience economy where consumer audiences can immerse themselves in live interactive marketing events often boosted by latest technologies

Power of now in the enterprise


How personalised consumer experiences are shaping the new way to work