What B2B brands can learn from conscious consumerism

Consumer-facing brands are reaping the benefits of brand loyalty and retention through their efforts to become responsible businesses, so is there an opportunity to be had in responsible marketing for business-to-business companies?

Making a social impact beyond the hype

Companies are often accused of greenwashing if their corporate social responsibility programmes fail to live up to the hype. To make a meaningful impact, they must measure what they’re doing and be transparent when things don’t go to plan

Can retailers make returns profitable?

Free returns are loved by consumers, but also abused by a minority. So should retailers call time on easy returns and what effect would it have on the industry?

Why fashion has to embrace sustainability

When higher consumption equals bigger profits, the balance between sustainable practices and traditional business models is becoming increasingly difficult for brands

The rise of the connected customer

Person using a smart phone

In the ultra-connected world we live in, customer expectations are rising exponentially

Chain reaction can supply demand

Row of cars

An efficient supply chain can add value, enabling a company to develop products and services, as well as enter new markets, in a digital age

Creating a Goldilocks supply chain

Creat the perfect supply chain

Predicting demand and matching supply is fraught with difficulties, but technology may be able to help

How to maximise revenue and loyalty

The payments industry has arguably never had better incentives to find more convenient ways for consumers to pay for goods and services, writes Miya Knights