Here comes the pampered groom

If men are from Mars and women hail from Venus, it follows that grooming brands should treat the male and his psyche as a very specific species, writes Ahmed Zambarakji

It’s time for skin care to get personal

In a market flooded with so-called “miracle products”, Claire Coleman asks whether brand personalisation will prove to be a winning formula for engaging customers and driving sales?

Divide and rule the beauty age gap

From trendy teens to skin-aware 60-somethings, how is the industry adapting to the desires of two divergent age markets? Claire Coleman reports on why brands must divide and conquer if they’re to rise to the challenge

E-cigarettes sparking controversy

Since their emergence around five years ago, the rapid expansion of e-cigarettes has provoked controversy, and challenged the tobacco and pharmaceutical industries alike, writes Simon Brooke

Analysing the customer and using social data

Data has been described as the new oil; it is a valuable commodity which, when correctly analysed and accurately targetted, fuels business, as Sean Kelly reports

Rise of the smart city consumer

For many years an optional extra for the world's leading businesses, sustainability is now becoming an essential part of best practice. Jim McClelland asks why?

Bacteria, active paints and aquariums

Dr Rachel Armstrong, senior lecturer at Greenwich University’s School of Architecture, Design and Construction, looks to a future of regenerating cities

A solution to the credit crunch?

A gloomy risk outlook and hesitant consumer spending has weighed heavy on the asset finance industry, but this type of borrowing could still be the best bet for cash-strapped companies, as Dan Matthews reports