Eyewear that doesn’t cost the Earth

Sustainable bamboo, castor oil seeds and “liquid wood” are just some of the materials inspiring a new generation of eco-friendly eyewear, as Nicky Collinson discovers

State of pay and cashless society

James Silver looks into the future and sees a cashless society, which technology has already largely enabled, but may yet be delayed by consumer caution

Mobiles mean less cash

From browsing to checkout, m-commerce is set to transform the UK into a nation of mobile consumers, as Dave Howell reports

Low carbon is future of business

Concerns about rising greenhouse gas emissions, population growth, extreme weather and resource scarcity are combining to transform corporate and investor understanding of the need for sustainable low-carbon business, writes Felicia Jackson

Consumers are defining brands

In a fast-changing world, where social media is influencing consumer demand, brands are adapting to new market conditions, as Jason Hesse reports

Messy culture makes neat brands

Culture tells us about our identity, our relationships and our behaviour. It shapes what we need and want. Yet brands rarely bother to look into this cultural world, as Andy Dexter and Leanne Tomasevic at Truth Consulting explain

Difference between myth and reality

The Chartered Institute of Marketing’s latest benchmark study of top brand executives at more than 100 leading international companies explores how to bridge the gap between promise and reality, as head of insights Thomas Brown explains

Offence and defence in powerful digital age

Raymond Snoddy examines how social networking websites, such as Twitter, have transformed reputation management for organisations operating in a digital age