Retail’s mojo is back - and online

After a torrid few years marked by bankruptcies, administrations and sliding sales, the retail sector has got its mojo back, writes Chris Johnston

Payment data delivers loyalty

Electronic payment systems are an asset that any business can use to drive loyalty and deliver a deeper understanding of their customers, as Dave Howell reports

Not failing to succeed

Clarity of purpose and partnership are essential for outsourcing to succeed, as Josh Sims reports

Opening up a mobile ‘branch’

As consumers increasingly use smartphones, tablets and phablets to shop, getting mobile commerce right has the potential to boost the bottom line, as well as analyse customer behaviour, writes Stephen Pritchard

How big data is changing marketing

Vast amounts of digital data being collected on consumer behaviour is transforming the way businesses operate, as Anna Leach reports

Mobile and plastic pay off with customer data

The telecommunications and payment industries are developing evermore sophisticated ways of identifying shopping habits, as Marcus Leroux discovers

Customer loyalty and ustwo

The rise of data as an enabler of loyalty initiatives and return on investment has been the emerging story of the past ten years, says John Sinclair, co-founder of ustwo

Joining the dots in retail

John Norrie, founder and chief executive of Transactor Technologies, answers a Q&A on the challenges facing retailers in a rapidly changing marketplace