Skincare is now a serious business

Women with skincare samples

“Skintellectuals” have launched a counter-attack aimed at changing the beauty industry

Savvy consumers call out unethical beauty brands

animal testing protest illustration

Misleading claims and confusion have the potential to damage beauty brands that are not completely honest and transparent about their ethical credentials

The future of search is voice

Ok Google on phone screen

Voice search allows businesses to communicate with customers on a deeper level than ever before, changing consumer behaviour and challenging marketers

Insurance companies competing on price and value

Insurance companies operating in an increasingly competitive market must innovate and be proactive to prosper

Supermarkets at war must reinvent or die

The big four UK supermarkets were caught off guard by an assault from German insurgents and now must fight to survive

From shelf to shopping basket

From the supermarket into your basket

The supermarket is a warzone with thousands of brands fighting for sales. Charles Orton-Jones shows how a brand can win the battle and seize shoppers’ attention

Welcome to the data economy

With data multiplying at a bewildering rate, it has never been more important for business leaders to master digital information, writes Jessica Twentyman

Need for speed in data analysis

Consumers increasingly expect companies to anticipate their needs, preferences and buying habits and, as John Lamb reports, big data holds the key. But speed of response in analysing data can provide a critical edge