Bricks and mortar, bits and bytes

Despite pioneering multi-channel adoption, UK retailers still have some way to go, as Miya Knights discovers

Arguing the pros and cons of doing business online

Two leading figures in the luxury sector argue the case for and against embracing technology and online selling. Clare Gascoigne adjudicates

Art and science of dentistry

Technological innovation is transforming the cosmetic dentistry industry. So will this negate the need for practitioner creativity or challenge dentists to further their level of dexterity? Bella Blissett unravels the relationship between the two and discovers what the future holds for the patient

Health is more than lip service

With cosmetic dentistry an increasingly popular option for patients wanting to improve their appearance, Nicola Kramer looks behind the treatment methods and discovers that good oral health is always the first step to aesthetic success

Ecosystem services hold key to keeping forests alive

Forestry investment has traditionally focused on the sale of wood, but a market for the other services that forests provide is emerging, writes Felicia Jackson

The state of pay

The long-awaited mobile revolution is finally upon us and is poised to transform the payments landscape as we know it. Nick Martindale reports

Shape of things to come

Contactless technology at the point of sale could prove to be the tipping point for mobile payments in the UK, writes Michael Dempsey. But concerns around security refuse to go away

Points of sale are guiding business

The last two decades have seen a steady decline in the number of retail transactions carried out in cash. Geoff Nairn rounds up the main options for retailers as they seek to move with the times