Helping to bring things together

The internet has revolutionised the world around us, in our homes and professional lives – yet this may be nothing compared to the next technological revolution, the so-called internet of things

Launch platform for battleships and startups

From the powerful United States military and top corporations to small startups, Red Hat Enterprise Linux has it covered

Bridging the digital and physical worlds

Digital technology has shaped our world for decades, changing the things we make, the way we communicate, connecting people and ideas. But now that digital world is set to collide with the world of physical objects in a way that will redefine business and how we go about our daily lives

Smart homes need reliable connectivity

Smart homes need reliable connectivity

Technology is transforming the way we live and the homes we live in as smart gadgets connect to the future

The living room of the future

Living room of the future

Hold tight for what promises to be an exciting ride into the world of fast-changing high-tech home entertainment

Rise of the smart car

The rise of the smart car

From head-up displays to connected apps, a new drive in smart technology is gathering speed to alter irrevocably the way we interact with our cars

Lower carbon homes, higher quality of life

Ben Ferrari

From Stockholm to rural India and China’s megacities, innovations in residential energy, materials, appliances and furnishings can radically reduce our carbon footprint over the next decade and beyond

The evolution of the smart home

It’s a smart home-coming in the making

The smart home of 2015 has automated and remote-controlled air temperature, lighting, locks and myriad other must-haves – an evolution of inventions dating back to the early-20th century