Connecting trillions of smart things

Machines connected to each other – and people with implanted microchips – are revolutionising industry and enriching everyday lives

The future of smart cities

Future smart cities are unlikely to look that much different, but they are destined to interact differently with their human inhabitants

Saving resources and the planet

Connected devices not only save consumers money, they can generate customer loyalty and help in the move to a low-carbon economy

Beware household gadgets that can take control and ‘spy’ on you

Makers of connected devices for the internet of things must focus on security to protect consumers’ privacy

‘Connected retail’ has arrived

Retailers’ attitudes to the internet of things are set to change rapidly as the benefits of “connected retail” begin to be felt

Unicorn hunting among the startups

The internet of things presents a prime opportunity for newcomers to make their billion-pound fortunes

Ten breakthroughs in the internet of things

It takes clever companies to work out how technology can change a sector - it's often not obvious until someone releases a product. Raconteur charts ten of the top breakthroughs in the internet of things so far

The rise of the machines

Machine-to-machine communication is driving the internet of things and many successful businesses, says Kristina Hagström, managing director of FältCom Ltd