Connectivity and data are carmakers’ tools of choice

Closed-loop manufacturing, which enables continuous data flows shared seamlessly throughout departments, creates a virtuous cycle, resulting in faster product improvements

Top 5 applications for the industrial internet of things

industrial iot cover

The industrial internet of things is poised for take-off and will be given trajectory by innovative ideas. Here are five of the best

Connected cars: top 5 innovations

Technology is changing the way we use cars. Here are five of the biggest innovations

Interconnectivity and the IoT revolution

A global network of interconnected devices linked to the internet is about to revolutionise the way we live and work today

Connecting trillions of smart things

Machines connected to each other – and people with implanted microchips – are revolutionising industry and enriching everyday lives

The future of smart cities

Future smart cities are unlikely to look that much different, but they are destined to interact differently with their human inhabitants

Saving resources and the planet

Connected devices not only save consumers money, they can generate customer loyalty and help in the move to a low-carbon economy

Beware household gadgets that can take control and ‘spy’ on you

Makers of connected devices for the internet of things must focus on security to protect consumers’ privacy