Unique and unusual corporate venues are in vogue

The events industry is becoming more adventurous, with companies exploring destinations and experiences previously overlooked. But what are the business advantages of finding new destinations for corporate events?

What makes a good speaker great?

Decades of experience and colourful slides won't count for a lot if you don't have the personality to engage your audience and deliver a memorable speech

What marketers can learn from Comic-Con

The joker at Comic-con

Seven hot tips from the world’s leading entertainment and comic convention could get your business events, trade shows and conferences buzzing like Wonder Woman body-slamming the Green Goblin

Create an experience not an event

Create an experience not an event

It’s time to step away from the PowerPoint presentation and make business events a memorable experience to capture the attention – and imagination – of customers

Do your meetings and events really make good business sense?

Do your meetings and events really make good business sense

With the right strategy and technology in place, bringing customers and staff together can drive savings and efficiencies across a business

Backing the UK’s event organisers


The UK’s events industry is well placed to boost its contribution to the economy, but challenges remain

Events industry helps power UK economy

Events industry helps power UK economy

In terms of generating employment, government tax revenue and spending by delegates, the business events sector is a UK economic powerhouse

It’s mobile, not holograms


Cutting-edge technology such as holograms and augmented reality are on the fringe of mainstream events, but have yet to make a major breakthrough as organisers prefer to go mobile