Insight, action and a business edge

Big data and analytics are far too important to be left to data scientists and quantitative analysts. Business leaders need to get involved too, writes Jessica Twentyman

A universe of ways to pay

The payments industry may be fragmented and in a state of seemingly continual flux, but innovation and enterprise promises to pay, writes Dan Matthews

Government seeks to define basis for software adoption

A government committee is preparing to reveal its definition of open standards to level the playing field for implementing open source software alongside proprietary applications, writes Mark Ballard

‘Don’t risk being left behind’

Adoption of open source software has been the key to success for many of today’s top-performing companies. For those without a transitioning strategy, it is time to adopt or die, warns Professor Jim Norton

In touch and ahead of the curve

The need to be in touch, on the move as well as at home and in the office, is a business reality in an evermore competitive world, as Guy Clapperton reports

The law of changing times

Law firms will have to change the way they work and adopt a more strategic approach to compete effectively in a liberalised market, writes Joanna Goodman

Strategy within the law

Professor Richard Susskind predicted the transformation of legal services delivery. What advice does he have for law firms in terms of their strategy going forward?

Regulators boost competition

New technology and the entry of non-traditional players promise a more innovative payments industry. But regulators must ensure that the interests of consumers and businesses are properly safeguarded in this period of profound change, writes Geoff Nairn