The impact of big retail chains on community gentrification

Shoppers outside Marc Jacobs in New York

Retail success can sometimes lead to the decline of an area as rents and business rates soar forcing out even big brands

Community at the heart of UK urban regeneration

The regeneration of UK towns and cities is entering an era of transformation when the needs of the community and wellbeing of individuals punch greater weight

The win-win of giving

Daryl Brewster - CEO of CECP

Daryl Brewster, chief executive of CECP, a coalition of CEOs who believe societal improvement is an essential measure of company performance, suggests how corporations can connect with core business to assess the value of societal investment

Rebuilding trust by helping communities


Why the banking sector’s investment in local communities is crucial for Britain’s economic growth

Expert giving to grow enterprise

The gift of business expertise serves social enterprises, who want to grow their operations, and the businesses making the donation

Building a customer fanbase

Building a customer fanbase

Most companies know how to use social media to promote their business, but some are building successful cohesive and supportive online and offline customer communities, who are working almost as hard to back the brand as the paid employees. Hazel Davis reports

Swissness principle keeps on ticking

Probably against the odds, Switzerland has carved a national identity, synonymous with punctuality, quality and reliability, from a rugged Alpine terrain, writes Diccon Bewes

Local spending does most to aid communities in need

Mining companies are now among the most committed to helping host communities develop, writes Martin Beaver