Workplace of tomorrow has top comms

A unified communications and collaboration strategy that allows staff to work where and when they choose can also boost commitment and engagement among sometimes dispersed employees

Staying in touch with video-calling

Businesses can unify diverse locations with upmarket video-calling, which brings management or executive teams together, seemingly in the same room

Bright outlook for business in the cloud

Organisations are increasingly attracted by cloud-based services to handle all sorts of communications, including telephony, audio and video-conferencing, and e-mail, as well as data storage, network provision and security

The new tech facilitating collaboration

Connected staff, equipped with intuitive technology to improve co-ordination and collaboration, can stay ahead of the curve in a fast-moving digital world

The rise of huddle rooms

Well-equipped, high-tech office spaces for small group meetings are boosting business collaboration

Social media and communication tools to win over staff

Communicating with employees through user-friendly channels is necessary to keep staff engaged with company objectives

Effective leaders inspire with stories

Leaders who can tell the story of an enterprise and communicate how employees working together make a difference will succeed in engaging their staff

Leading F1’s innovation race


In a world where every millisecond counts, Tata Communications is a company at the heart of Formula 1 – delivering the speed to lead trackside through technology and innovation