Commodities: The brave new world


As the global commodities sector changes faster than ever, with greater opportunities and challenges opening up, international law firm Reed Smith provides some essential insights on the legal and regulatory issues market participants face

Diamonds sparkle in shaky commodities market

They have hit a rough patch, but canny commodities investors could take a shine to diamonds, platinum and palladium, writes Fiona Bond

Brighter outlook as demand for commodities recovers

The mining industry worldwide has experienced a rocky ride recently, but is set to focus on the future, writes Chris Johnston

State protectionism risks companies pulling out capital

There is tension between developing nation states, keen to protect natural resources from over-exploitation, and mining giants, aiming to return a healthy profit on heavy investment, as James Dean discovers

Vulnerable big miners must safeguard the environment

Sustainability for mining companies means access to new resources, but host governments and communities have other environmental priorities, as Martin Beaver reports

‘Gold will keep glittering while demand remains strong’

The beauty of gold as an investment has driven prices to record highs and, as Raymond Snoddy discovers, the safe-haven asset has more than one champion

Putting money where hungry mouths need it

There are many investment opportunities in agriculture, but the complexities of the food supply chain create risks, as Sarah Murray reports

Staple food must remain stable to prevent world ‘paddy’

With food prices increasing significantly in September, Fiona Bond asks if rice will curry favour with traders